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5 months postpartum progress


Alright so it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog with any recipes/progress pics. I’ve taken a break from blogging to really concentrate on my training and only post every few weeks until I reach my goal. Then I will have the full play by play- but for now this is just a quick update! It’s been 5 months exactly since I had my baby and I am a few lbs shy my pre baby weight. I’ve been taking pics as I go and this is what I have so far. I’ve been training my but off (literally) the past few months and I can’t wait to share my full journey with you once I teach my goal! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!!!

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Postpartum Weight Loss!

Having a baby was definitely the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Being in the fitness industry for years (personal trainer + Zumba instructor) it was hard to see myself changing and there was nothing I could do about it. I continued my workouts during my pregnancy (taught my Zumba classes until 4 months pregnant) but as time went by it got more painful to work out. During my 9th month it was painful just to walk for more than one hour. Then the real hard part- not being able to work out for 6 weeks after the baby was born. The day of my 6 week check up, I went back to my studio and taught one song during Zumba. I’m 7 weeks pp now and I’ve already split (taught 30 minutes of Zumba) a few classes. So far in the last week I’ve worked out 6 days. I’ve been eating “clean” and drinking my Body By Vi shakes for about a month. In one week I’ve lost 6lbs and 5.5″ total! I will continue to post my progress here along with healthy recipes and workouts! I hope to be of some help to any women out there struggling with losing their baby weight or just looking to get a little help getting healthier in general! If you want more information on Body By Vi shakes, click HERE

Here is my beautiful baby, Ryder!

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PB + chocolate oat protein balls



1c natural peanut butter (or PB2)

3TBS honey

1c oats (uncooked)

1TBS dark cocoa powder

4 large scoops whey protein powder (chocolate or vanilla)

2-5TBS water (depending on texture) 

2TBS cinnamon- for coating on the outside



Heat PB and honey in microwave for about 20-30seconds

Combine everything but the cinnamon in a bowl and mix together

Take one TBS and form into a ball shape

Coat them in cinnamon!

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Chopped salad with lime vinaigrette!



Click the link above for recipe!

I used turkey bacon bits and used only a pinch of sugar in the dressing. I also added some pearl couscous for some added substance. Adding chicken or quinoa would be great also for some protein! (No goat cheese either!)


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Green tea + honey smoothie


Green tea + honey smoothie:

Roughly 1/3c chilled unsweetened green tea, mango, raspberries, & banana. Blend with ice & honey

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Homemade Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Thin sliced boneless chicken breast
Leaf lettuce
White sweet onion (chopped)
Zucchini / yellow squash
Carrots (sliced thin on a mandolin)
Thinly sliced green onion
1 TBS sesame oil
1 TBS rice wine vinegar
2 TBS low sodium soy sauce

Sautée chicken with sesame oil until fully cooked. In separate pan cook thinly sliced vegetables in cooking spray and the rice wine vinegar until soft. Place veg and chicken in the lettuce wraps and add soy sauce to your liking!

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Naturally flavored H2O!


Adding natural fruit and herbs (not artificial sweeteners) to your water is a delicious and healthy way to stay hydrated!

Picture above is my current favorite: lemon, mint and raspberry!


Justine’s Almond Butter!


Seriously good for on the go! Cut up an apple and you’re all set! If you don’t have time to sit and eat, just squeeze out of the package on to your apple!

One package = one serving size, but be careful there are 200 calories in this little guy! (The larger size pictured) No need to eat the whole thing in one sitting! (Although I could because it’s SO good!)

All natural + gluten free. Found at Kroger