5 months postpartum progress


Alright so it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog with any recipes/progress pics. I’ve taken a break from blogging to really concentrate on my training and only post every few weeks until I reach my goal. Then I will have the full play by play- but for now this is just a quick update! It’s been 5 months exactly since I had my baby and I am a few lbs shy my pre baby weight. I’ve been taking pics as I go and this is what I have so far. I’ve been training my but off (literally) the past few months and I can’t wait to share my full journey with you once I teach my goal! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!!!

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Banana Cinnamon Protein Pancakes


Fast & Easy!

1 banana
2 egg whites
1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
Dash of cinnamon
(1 tsp flax seed oil optional)

Blend together in a magic/nutribullet and blend until smooth. Pancakes will be a little thinner than regular pancake batter so cool accordingly! Top with sugar free syrup or fresh fruit (Makes 6-7 small pancakes)

Looks fancy, huh!?



It’s not! LOL.. Seriously this dinner took ZERO prep time and about ten minutes to make! If you have kids or work long hours, this is perfect for you- or even if you don’t do any of those things haha! The shrimp came on the skewers, raw and deveined ready to grill- purchased from Meijer! (Usually I prefer to skewer my own shrimp, but I knew I’d be teaching late classes this week so I figured I’d take a shortcut) I just drizzled a little olive oil on the shrimps and set them on the grill. I did the same thing with the asparagus, and the quinoa comes from Costco ready to eat in 60 seconds! Seriously, it’s like a dream to just warm those up and have it ready. Like I said, 10 minutes and DONE! You can add any Mrs. Dash or non salted seasoning to the shrimp! ENJOY!

Meal prep!


Easy meal prep!

I like to buy bulk chicken breasts and cut them in half (depending on how you like your chicken, you can fillet it either way) Grill up your chicken with any vegetables you like. This week was zucchini- I like to use a grill pan to I can grill the veg at the same time and none of them fall through the slats of the grill. (Meijer was out of asparagus or that would have been added as well) One of my favorite things are the sweet potato steam bags! What’s easier than putting a bag in the microwave for 8 minutes?! You get 5 small sweet potatoes in each bag! Also grilled are a few bison burgers, large salad, and extra chicken to top on the salad! Use my lemon vinaigrette dressing recipe posted last week! Total meal prep time: 1-2 hours 🙂

Chocolate Raspberry BBVi


2 scoops BBVi
1/2c almond milk
1/4c frozen or fresh raspberries
1tsp dark chocolate cocoa powder

Champagne Dill Vinaigrette

This dressing is delicious on everything!

1/3c EVOO
1/4c red wine vinegar
2TBS champagne dill mustard (found at Nino Salvaggio)
1-2TBS lemon juice (depending on how tangy you like it)
Pinch of sea salt
Coarse ground black pepper if you like it (I don’t lol)


BBVi Shakes

Piña Colada BBVi:
2 scoops BBV
1/2c coconut water
5 -6 Frozen pineapple chunks
1/2 banana
1TBS shredded coconut

Mocha Frapp BBVi:
2 scoops BBV
1/2c chilled coffee (preferably Starbucks)
Almond milk- (use chocolate for extra flavor)
1TSP Hershey’s dark cocoa powder
(Add shredded coconut for a mocha coconut shake!)

Summer Fruit BBVi:
2 scoops BBVi
1/2c coconut water
1/2 banana
5-6 Frozen pineapple chunks
Frozen raspberries
Fresh mint leaves


A day in the life…

A day in the life...

People often ask me what I eat in a typical day. Here is a rough outline:

1-2 whole eggs + 2 whites (either pan fried with coconut oil or scrambled)
Starbucks Iced coffee- unsweetened with 1TBS cream + one splenda
Body By Vi shake (coconut water, 1/2 banana, frozen strawberries or raspberries)
Large salad- baby spinach, arugula, 1/4 avocado, tomatoes, 1/2 cup quinoa, with 2 TBS vinaigrette dressing or balsamic and oil
3-4 chicken muffins (recipe on previous post- and I’m OBSESSED with these!)
Sweet mini peppers with greek yogurt dip
Handfull of Skinny Pop popcorn
Body By Vi shake
1-2 small chicken breast, 1 baked sweet potato, vegetable (usually asparagus or zucchini)

I average anywhere between 1,500-2,000 calories depending on my workout that day. If I’m doing two workouts or teaching a Zumba class, I will be eating more than 2,000 calories because I need to replace everything I burned during my workouts. If I’m taking a rest day or active rest day (just walking or very light cardio) I will be on the lower end of that scale. During an average week I workout 5 days with two rest/active rest days. This just all depends on my schedule (with a 2 month old) but getting my workouts in is definitely a TOP priority! I usually schedule my days/weeks around them if I can!

Starbucks iced coffee..


Watch out! If any of you are obsessed with Starbucks like I am, (especially all the moms out there) please be aware of their classic syrup they add into their iced coffee. I LOVE their iced coffee (especially in the summer) but please be aware if you order this drink thinking it’s just coffee over ice, think again. Unless you specifically order this drink “unsweetened”, most Starbucks will add this syrup to their coffee! (At east the ones I frequent) Drinking this coffee sweetened will add 20 grams of sugar and 90 calories! Yikes. Drinking it unsweetened and adding your own zero calorie sweetener, like stevia (I usually carry my own with me) will be 5 calories and 0 sugar. You can still get your iced coffee fix without all the extra calories and sugar! And of course if you make your own iced drinks you can control everything you add! 🙂

Sunday workout + eating out! {healthy}


Sunday morning! This was a one hour workout that included racquetball and chest/tricep strength training at LA Fitness. (I burned 300 calories alone playing one 20min game!) this was followed by eating at Leo’s Coney Island- and yes it’s possible to stay on track there. Leo’s (at least the one on Hall Rd.) has a healthy menu option. They have wonderful protein packed meals that taste great. My spinach breakfast wrap includes: egg whites, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, chicken, and a side is cottage cheese. They also have awesome protein bowls!

Ladies- find a workout that works for you! Make sure to keep it fun and you’ll be so much more likely to stick with it. (That’s why I Zumba so much 😉
Also, it’s my job lol )