Looks fancy, huh!?



It’s not! LOL.. Seriously this dinner took ZERO prep time and about ten minutes to make! If you have kids or work long hours, this is perfect for you- or even if you don’t do any of those things haha! The shrimp came on the skewers, raw and deveined ready to grill- purchased from Meijer! (Usually I prefer to skewer my own shrimp, but I knew I’d be teaching late classes this week so I figured I’d take a shortcut) I just drizzled a little olive oil on the shrimps and set them on the grill. I did the same thing with the asparagus, and the quinoa comes from Costco ready to eat in 60 seconds! Seriously, it’s like a dream to just warm those up and have it ready. Like I said, 10 minutes and DONE! You can add any Mrs. Dash or non salted seasoning to the shrimp! ENJOY!


4 thoughts on “Looks fancy, huh!?

  1. Rochelle says:

    Where can I purchase the shrimp on skewers?

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