Starbucks iced coffee..


Watch out! If any of you are obsessed with Starbucks like I am, (especially all the moms out there) please be aware of their classic syrup they add into their iced coffee. I LOVE their iced coffee (especially in the summer) but please be aware if you order this drink thinking it’s just coffee over ice, think again. Unless you specifically order this drink “unsweetened”, most Starbucks will add this syrup to their coffee! (At east the ones I frequent) Drinking this coffee sweetened will add 20 grams of sugar and 90 calories! Yikes. Drinking it unsweetened and adding your own zero calorie sweetener, like stevia (I usually carry my own with me) will be 5 calories and 0 sugar. You can still get your iced coffee fix without all the extra calories and sugar! And of course if you make your own iced drinks you can control everything you add! 🙂


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