Scrambled eggs, BBV pancakes, homemade hummus!


Upper Left: Egg white scramble with tomatoes and spinach


1 whole egg

4 egg whites

1 roma tomato

1/2c fresh baby spinach

We have “Egg Monday” in our house every week. This is usually what I have after teaching a Zumba® class! (Sometimes I add some Ezekiel bread toast!)


Upper Right: Body By Vi blueberry pancakes


2 scoops Body By Vi shake mix

1/3c oat flour OR 1/2c cooked oatmeal (you can choose!)

2 egg whites

1/2c skim milk OR unsweetened almond milk

1/4-1/2c blueberries (depends on how much you like)

Sugar free syrup OR agave syrup to taste


Mix all wet ingredients in one bowl and dry in a separate bowl. (If you used oatmeal, combine with wet ingredients) Mix all together and cook like regular pancakes!


Bottom: The BEST homemade hummus around!

Click here for recipe!

I tweak the recipe just a bit- I only make half because it’s enough for me!


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